Properly Caring For Black Hair

Properly Caring For Black Hair

Hair is the piece of excellence for the men and women also and the attraction is increment when we seriously think about the care of hair. Women are very touchy about the health and beauty of the hair. So the best way to care about them is:

i. Your diet assumes to be an imperative part in the hair health so it is reasonable to take those nourishments that are loaded with iron and protein.

ii. Water consumption is also plays a part in hair heat try to drink 8 to 10 glass of water.

iii. Adopt correct method to wash the hair and concentrate on the scalp washing properly.

The method for appropriate hair wash is.
1. Wet your head
2: Apply cleanser delicately on you scalp and message it smoothly.
3: Wash them properly.
4: Dry them
5: Comb softly.
6. Don’t use hot water it will make your hair dry and brittle.

It is also instructed to keep away from the use of dryer. Excessive warmth can harm the hair. Brush 3-4 times each day so blood circulation of scalp increment. It underpins the normal oils and kills dead scalp tissue. Do not brush the wet hair and tie them loosely. Keep your combs neat and clean.

Use more natural remedies for hair care like Shikakai, lemon, coconut oil, vinegar etc. • For shininess use lemon in water when washing hair. • Mix vinegar and rinse the water on hair to get shiny hair.


Trimming hair also increases hair growth. Trim the after 30 to 40 days.

To get rid of dandruff use coconut oil to massage the scalp. Use castor oil for healthy hair. If you hair are dry then apply conditioner after washing and drying them with towel. Try to apply it on tips not on scalp. If you are not following the instructions then the scalp will get greasy quickly. Use almond oil to treat dry hair.

If you felt itching its mean you didn’t rinse the water properly or you may have dandruff. To avoid the situation use more water to remove the shampoo correctly.

Moisturize the hair properly for 20 minutes or more.


Some treatments and things that affect the hair so beware of them.

The sun: Cover your hair when go outside. Chlorine: In swimming pools affect the hair badly. Treatments. Frequently straightening also damage the hair. Hair coloring and hair curling also damage the hair. So try to avoid these things.


Mostly people ask questions that how frequently wash the hairs?

The answer is, wash your hair two to three times a week depending upon the nature of the hair and environment in which you are working. If you have oily hairs the wash them frequently.

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